Index Archers is a family owned and operated business focused on bringing archery experience & education to New Hampshire and surrounding states.
We believe in the power of personalized coaching, positive thinking & modernized shooting technique. Our team is here to support archers in every aspect of training from shot form & execution to mindset conditioning and mental management. We aspire to help individuals from age 8 to 108 experience the joy and satisfaction of the timeless practice of archery.
Whether you're looking for a hobby to share with family and friends or wanting to take your competitive capabilities to the next level, Index Archers is the premier training location for NH.



LMT, INHC, Level 2 USA Archery Instructor

I first became involved in the world of archery at the age of 13 when my brother began taking lessons at a local community center. Once it became apparent just how much he was enjoying the class, the next to follow was my mother & now business partner, Siobhan. Shortly thereafter, with two thirds of us participating, I just couldn’t resist any longer. The moment that first arrow left my bow, I was hooked.
As an archer myself, I have enjoyed competing with my Olympic-style recurve both locally and nationally for over 7 years. The camaraderie and social aspects of this sport combined with the finesse and competitive edge it requires are exactly what keeps me coming back for more.
As an instructor, I enjoy working with archers from a variety of backgrounds. As someone with almost no athletic inclination as a child, I love providing kids similar to myself at their age with an opportunity to excel in an athletic capacity.
Off the range, I own and operate Indigo & Ivy located in Nashua NH where we offer holistic massage therapy services & integrative health coaching programs. Having experience with athletes, specifically archers, in the capacity of Sports & Deep Tissue massage also translates into my coaching style. I prioritize focusing and promoting proper posture, sound body mechanics, and modifying individual archer’s shooting styles to their body’s capacity. I enjoy practicing yoga, meditation and going on adventures with my fiance & co owner, Jason and our two range pups, Penelope and Stella.



USA Level IIII NTS Coach
US Archery, Masters Women Recurve
National Rank: 7th

By the age of ten, my son, Alex, was fascinated with archery.  He was constantly finding sticks in the yard and using twine from the shed to make bows and arrows, defending our home from unseen assassins.  It didn’t take long for my hero to figure out how to get some distance and power into his shots.  The lack of accuracy and safety was concerning so lessons were the next step.
Through the first few classes, I was mesmerized watching Alex and the other kids with the coaches.  I really wanted to try, but it was Alex’ thing.  Then again, Alex and I share many common interests so I wasn’t surprised when he asked me to take a class with him.
I was hooked from the first shot.  In class, we got three arrows.  Three arrows were not enough! I wanted to shoot more, but I was perfectly happy on the line with the beginner archers where the mean age (not including me) was about six.  I was 45. 
Within a few months, I was a certified instructor with my own equipment, helping run the local JOAD club.  I thought shooting archery was my absolute favorite thing ever until I started teaching.
That was in 2011.  Today, I shoot tournaments all over the country anc coach archers of all ages.  I love everything about archery – archers, coaching, shooting, tuning equipment, making strings and arrows – everything. 
I am a certified judge and credentialed as a Level IV NTS Coach through US Archery.  My passion and excitement for archery is catchy, my creativity is utilized to design challenges and games, and my knowledge is ready to share!



Level 2 USA Archery Instructor

As a child, I was obsessed with the fictional archers I read about and saw in movies, but I thought shooting a bow and arrow was an outdated practice. Around 10-years-old, my mother found an ad for an after-school archery class and I signed up! That was where I met Dana White, owner of Art of Archery, and worked with him closely for over 10 years. I don't shoot as often as I would like to now, but the lessons and experiences I learned in the community have impacted nearly every aspect of my life.
I met Hannah, my fiancee and co-owner, through our local archery community. Her spirit, discipline and tenacity encourages and inspires others to foster the same qualities. When I met Siobhan, our now business partner, I had not realized who she would become to me. Her passion for archery, glittery face and personality say everything. A genuine, fiercely determined mother, competitor and coach who is going to beat her daughter at the next tournament!
I am determined to continue the growth and legacy of some of New England's finest archers. Through Index Archers, my goal is to expand our local archery community by inspiring both kids and adults to get involved in this incredible, modernized sport so everyone has the chance to experience the satisfaction, pride and feeling of accomplishment that come with it.

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On occasion, our sweet range pups can be spotted at Bass Pro. Penelope the Pug and Stella the Pom love hanging out with our archers and give lots of support in exchange for treats!
Please be aware, Stella (the white & tan pup) is completely blind. When approaching her to give her some love & pets, be sure to tell her you're about to touch her to avoid startling her. Don't let that fool you, she absolutely loves the attention, she just needs a heads up first!