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Learn more about Adult Archery Achievement below!



MYTH: Archery is for kids.  

MYTH: Adults can’t start at an older age. 

Both myths are false! Approximately half of Index Archers’ members are adults who have kids in the JOAD program while others are “empty nesters” or retirees.  Although it’s true some adult archers began when they were younger, others did not pick up a bow until they were 40, 50, sometimes 70. Find out why these mature archers are passionate about archery and the community where they made great connections with other adults.  Their support and encouragement makes both the JOAD and AAP programs exceptional.

US Archery (USAA) is the national governing body for Olympic and Paralympic archery in America.  USAA is responsible for coordinating sanctioned events and developing programs to certify instructors, coaches, and judges.  Their mission is to provide related resources and guidance needed by local clubs to promote awareness and increase participation in archery.  

Index Archers is registered and supported by USAA to offer the JOAD and AAP programs.

The JOAD and AAP programs are achievement based.  Archers earn pins based on scores reached at qualifying events. Reference below to view the scoring matrices. However, archers learn and gain much more from this sport than increasing scores such as:

  • Self Confidence

  • Focus

  • Team Building

  • Exercise

  • Equipment Knowledge

Indoor AAP Matrix

Outdoor AAP Matrix

The Index Archers’ club environment fosters camaraderie among members and encourages friendships with archers from various clubs locally and nationally.  The archery community is teeming with archers, coaches, judges, and family members who share a genuine passion for our favorite sport and are ready to offer their support and encouragement.  Index Archers is proud to be part of this community.

Through the JOAD and AAP programs, archers of all ages can enjoy the sport recreationally, competitively, or both.  To help archers on their journey, Index Archers offers:

  • Support from certified and experienced instructors and coaches.

  • Barebow, recurve, and compound disciplines.

  • Archery games and challenges to enhance learning and keep it fun.

  • Encompassing archery knowledge such as bow tuning, arrow repair, and string making.

  • Additional experts who will share their knowledge of physical training, mental management, nutrition, self-care, and more.

Archers are required to enroll in and attend the Explore and Refine courses before joining the JOAD or AAP club.  Click here for info on these courses. Participation in these courses ensure an archer is ready and comfortable before joining the club and/or tournament environment, setting them up for success!

Enrollment for JOAD and AAP is open quarterly beginning January 1.