In addition to an extensive, professional archery training program, Index Archers is an inclusive archery range offering these great services!


Not everyone is comfortable learning in a group environment, so Index Archers offers private lessons for students who have little to no experience.  All equipment and instruction provided.  Click here to schedule a Private Beginner session.


The bow string is one of the few items an archer can custom make to express their own style.  From solid black to fluorescent orange, colors abound!   We use BCY fabrics that encompass various draw weights and limb materials.  Whether you know exactly what you need or have no idea, click here to order one today!


Experienced archers can purchase a range pass to practice at our awesome, spacious facility during Open Range sessions.  Check out the calendar for Open Range dates and times and click here to purchase up to ten visits for $150 or $20 per visit.


At Index Archers, we offer expert tuning for recurve archery equipment.  This includes barebow and Olympic recurve and extends to the finer details of arrow components.   Click the link below to schedule a session or contact us via the Subscribe Form at the bottom of this page with any questions.


Private Coaching is important for any archer looking to:

·       Improve their shot process.

·       Gain a better understanding of the shot process.

·       Build a training schedule.

·       Tune their equipment.

·       Learn more about our favorite sport.


Whether you are interested in a wooden bow for recreational shooting in your backyard or a complete Olympic set up, the coaches at Index Archers have ten years experience in putting together equipment packages to suit an archer’s needs and budget.  Don't invest in equipment if you are not sure what to get.  Schedule a consult and we will provide a detailed quote that includes tuning the bow, building custom arrows, and everything you need for your archery journey.